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UI Design and Branding system for a hiring platform. 
Co-Designer: Reema

Merit is a startup focused on hiring via referral systems. The team came to us looking to refresh its clinical look, with a logo, brand system and website design that would have qualities of warmth, personalization and a people-first approach.


We began by naming the org — Merit — alluding to the trust between colleagues that help peers boost each other’s careers. A warm, orange, and serif wordmark became the logo.

Serif typography coupled with a wide sans serif body type gave the platform a modern feel with a touch of elegance. 

We picked warm earth tone colors to add an inviting aura to the brand.

We set an direction style for photography — picking professonal, bright images that reflected today’s contemporary work environments.

Website pages followed a minimalist aesthetic, putting images first and highlighting names and titles. We built a style sheet of UI components that reflected these ideas.