Visual Artist

Trap Jazz

“Trap Jazz tells the intimate story of three best friends and bandmates in Atlanta, who are hustling to make a name for themselves by creating their own sound: a fusion of trap music and jazz music called “trap jazz.” Having been introduced to music through their church musician dads; what starts out as a collaborative project takes each man on their own personal journey to fulfilling his father’s legacy.”
Director Sadé Joseph
Sam Davis

Additional Cinematography

Gundio Studios

Brooklyn, NY
“Champi” Collection | FW ‘23. 

The collection explores the practice of Champi, and it’s correlation to hair & weaving — passed down between mothers and daughters. 

Concept + CD -
Natasha Sumant
Cinematography - Anumeha
Photography - Tre Crews
Production / Styling - Rooted Creative, Reva Bhatt

Pinterest “Curl Talk”

“Aminatou Sow and Tracee Ellis Ross chat all things Black hair—from the Crown Act to racial bias to Tracee’s experiences wearing her natural hair on television.”
Dir - Tchaiko Omawale
Cinematography - Anumeha
Production - Unicorns & Unicorns

Fana Hues

Music video for “BAD bad”
Director Phillip Youmans
DP Anumeha
Production SMUGGLER