Visual Artist

After All This

Feat. Sarah Thankam Mathews
for PBS American Masters
Post Production

Dir: Andrew Nadkarni
Producer: Maryam Mir
Cinematographer: Anumeha

Trap Jazz

“Trap Jazz tells the intimate story of three best friends and bandmates in Atlanta, who are hustling to make a name for themselves by creating their own sound: a fusion of trap music and jazz music called “trap jazz.” Having been introduced to music through their church musician dads; what starts out as a collaborative project takes each man on their own personal journey to fulfilling his father’s legacy.”
Director Sadé Joseph
Sam Davis

Additional Cinematography

Gundio Studios

Brooklyn, NY
“Champi” Collection | FW ‘23. 

The collection explores the practice of Champi, and it’s correlation to hair & weaving — passed down between mothers and daughters. 

Concept + CD -
Natasha Sumant
Cinematography - Anumeha
Photography - Tre Crews
Production / Styling - Rooted Creative, Reva Bhatt

Fana Hues

Music video for “BAD bad”
Director Phillip Youmans
DP Anumeha
Production SMUGGLER